Our facilities are a calming balm to your stress and troubles

Relax. Soak in the warmth of rain drenched greenery surrounded by diverse facilities and amenities.


We provide the below facilities that help in total relaxation for mind and body -

You are just a stone's throw away from the famed Kodaikanal Golf Club. Surround yourself in a vast expanse of green spread over 70 acres and bring out the golfer within you.

More than 20 hiking spots brings out the best out of every outdoor enthusiast. Can organise the best hiking guide to meet your interest, to hike low, medium or strenuous heights.

Well lit Table Tennis room.

Dine in grandiose in the Lofty Meadows Royale dining room with food of your choice and freshly baked breads.

One could lounge in the cozy living room with a fire place.

Closed verandah of 100 feet long - One could have a quiet chat or catch up on your reading.

The hilly terrains and greenery are a great way to forget the routines of daily life and let go of wireless technology such as mobile and laptops. Soak in the warmth and generosity provided by nature and let the lack of network issues work out to your advantage.